Athletes Only

Before the student-athlete and parents make the final decision on a college, the student-athlete should make sure they have asked themselves the following questions:

  • Why am I selecting this school? Does this school offer me everything I am looking for in an institution of higher learning?
  • Have I thoroughly researched several colleges and know what my options are?
  • What are my goals for college and do I know what I want to accomplish?
  • Do the courses the college offers match my goals?
  • Are the goals of the athletic program in line with my goals?
  • Does this college and athletic opportunity clearly stand out above all others?
  • Did the coaches seem concerned about my academic future?
  • Was the team a cohesive unit that seemed to genuinely care about each other?
  • Would I be happy at this college? Would I be happy playing for this coach and the coaching staff?
  • Would I attend this college if they were not recruiting me for an athletic scholarship?

Just because you are recruited, it does not mean that you will play! On average, fewer than 5 percent of all college athletic teams had freshman starters in their lineups, no matter what sport they played.

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